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Thanks for coming to my Dog Show

It was really hot and it was on Fathers Day but I am really glad that everyone came to the Dog Show. We raised money for Guatemala AND for the Vale of Evesham School and the Cheltenham Animal Shelter. There are so many people that help us on the day. It’s not just about the money but we did ok with that too.

p.s. Diego finally won something.

me, Diego and my Dad

me, Diego and my Dad

Hi, from Henry.

This is my most recent post on my charity TeamHelps. If you don’t know who or what we do just scroll up and check us out because we help people in my home country (Guatemala) It is very poor so we go each year and try to give people happiness knowing that other people care.

For the last few years we have been making homes for people who live in huts made from straw and other things. We give them a nice solid brick home so they can survive the weather. We hold events to raise enough money for the resources we need to help.
One of our main things that we do is a dog show at our house. It’s a huge event that is actually pretty fun. If you want to come the date this year is June 18 (It is Fathers Day – so bring your dog and your Dad!)

The biggest thing we did this year is with my school. I’m still so surprised that they chose my charity. The charity committee was so cool with the ideas that they came up with to raise money. The did a disco called Groove for Guatemala and they also did this one big Triathalon event where everyone did things like biking, swimming and running. It really got us all pumped up and the older kids stayed the whole entire night. Don’t ask me how, but they did it and they were amazing. Everyone gave their best effort. Even the teachers were part of it. All for Guatemala and helping people they don’t even know.

My mom went in the next morning when it was ending to help make waffles and she said that all the kids looked like zombies. They were too tired to even eat the food.

I am really proud of my school because it turns out that we might have enough money to make five houses which is shocking. We were aiming high but instead we went super high. Families in Guatemala are really big. There are usually at least 8 people in a house. Now at least 40 people will have a safe place to live with clean water and lots of hope.

I love what I do and I couldn’t have done it on my own so this is a huge thank you to my school.

From Henry Austin.

Kingham Hill is helping Guatemala

On the last day of school before the Christmas holiday, I had a nice surprise.  I found out that the kids on the charity committee at Kingham chose my charity for the upcoming term.   I’m really excited because it’s helping people in Guatemala where I am from.   I really want people to understand that Guatemala isn’t a wealthy place and that lots of people need help.    I’m happy that the school will be helping and that we can have fun with some of the events coming soon.   I always knew that Kingham was a good place.  Now it feels like they care about people who aren’t just at our school.  For me, it makes me proud to call Kingham my home.


We’re getting older and getting more involved.

Diego dog show

My charity has been around now for 7 years. Teamhelps is a good charity and I am proud of it because it helps people that need help. Now that I’m 12 I’m getting more involved with my charity. Me and some kids who I trust are having a meeting and talking about how to spend the money we raised from the dog show.

We raised £2,826 at the dog show this year and we are going to dicuss what to do with it in the charity. I chose these kids because they have done so much for my charity giving in their own ways to help and we need to hear their ideas for the future. We need ideas and I think these kids will help not just my charity but people who struggle but I think if these kids are here with me the people in Guatemala will see a brighter day ahead of themselves and their families.

Love from Henry Austin

We’re here.

roof view

We made it here to Guatemala! Mom, Dad and I are the only ones here in this house so far. This morning we woke up at 4 am. It was dark. We waited for the sun to come up so I could get a picture of one of the volcanos from the roof. Hope you like it.

Tomorrow things get started with our work. My friend Lucas is coming from America and he is bringing 75 backpacks for the kids at the orphanage. He is bringing his Mom and Dad too. Here is a picture of Lucas.

Scrase is still missing. He’s in Panama with his Mom and little brother. There is more to that story but you get the point. We will see them hopefully very late tonight.

Bronty and her family came from England with us. They are staying in another house. We are going to see them at my favourite place in Guatemala. Pollo Campero for some chicken.

Pencil Cases

The Dog Show. Man that was fun.

Thanks to all my friends for coming to the Dog Show this year. We had a lot of fun, and we raised enough money to build 3 houses in Guatemala when we go at half term in October. 3 houses!!

Please come to my Dog Show

It’s New Years Day and I’ve been thinking….

2014 was a great year for me.  I got to do lots of things for my charity.   The best part was going to Guatemala in October. We built two houses and climbed my volcano named Pacaya.  I’ve been thinking a lot about going back to Guatemala and seeing how the kids are doing that we met.  I wonder if they like their new home.   I hope we have a chance ot make another family happy.   Here’s a picture of me and my friiend Lucio with Marta and Luis.

Me, Lucio and the kids

Me, Lucio and the kids

It felt like we were on the top of the world when we climbed Pacaya.

It felt like we were on the top of the world when we climbed Pacaya.


The good thing is that me and my friends at school had a Christmas sale for my charity.   We sold loads of little goodies and surprised everyone with how much money we raised.  It was enough to almost buy another house in Guatemala.  I hope next year we can do it again.


My favourite offer was my home made Crackers.

I forgot to show you pictures of the houses that we built.  They were one story tall and had a concrete floor.  I think they were so much better than the houses that they lived in originally.


We used a lot of paint.


We built two houses. This is a bunch of my friends who built the blue one.

We got to put in a window and a front door.

We got to put in a window and a front door.

In 2015 I want to have a dog show again, I want to come up with a recipe for Henry’s Hot Sauce, I want to buy more footballs for the kids …well we already have 100 that are waiting to be delivered…but you know what i mean.   I want it to be the best year yet for helping Guatemala.  Plus i am pretty excited about turning 11.

We’re starting to pack!

henry and footballs for guat

lucas and shoes

Lucas and I are starting to think about packing all of our stuff for the trip.  I’m on footballs and he is on shoes.  Mom and Solange are bringing eye glasses and other stuff.   It’s going to be fun.

Love Henry