About Us

Since 2007 TeamHelps has worked to improve the lives of people living in Guatemala. Our work originally started by raising funds to install safe ONIL stoves and water filtration systems for indigenous families in the rural hills of Guatemala. This work has expanded over the years and we now help by building homes and providing access to education and medical care. The needs are great in Guatemala where 79% of the indigenous population lives below the poverty line of $1.90/day and access to minimal basics such as food and clean water is a challenge.

TeamHelps was created by family and friends of Henry. Henry was born at the foot of the Pacaya volcano and lived in Guatemala until he was 3. He was adopted and moved to the UK in 2007. As Henry adjusted to life in the England, he started asking questions about how he could help his Guatemala. Friends and family of Henry joined in his enthusiasm and from that TeamHelps started to raise funds and organise trips to do hands-on work in Guatemala.

Our first team in 2008

Our first team in 2008

The charity works with trusted teams  based in Guatemala who manage the money that we raise.  All of our volunteers fund their own travel and expense when volunteering in Guatemala.

TeamHelps became a UK registered charity in 2009 and is GiftAid registered.

In the early days it all felt overwhelming and as if we couldn’t fix anything. Through the enthusiasm of Henry’s young friends, we’ve learned to start with something, albeit small, and to build from there.

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