Over the years, TeamHelps has worked to install ONIL stoves, water filtration systems and cement floors in the homes of families in the rural hills of Guatemala.

The traditional method of cooking in a Mayan home is with open fires that are inside the home and cause a variety of medical problems for the families. The number 1 cause of death for children in Guatemala under the age of 5 is Respiratory Illness because of these open fires.

typical cooking in the home. not so safe!

The well-engineered ONIL stove eliminates respiratory illness caused by the indoor air pollution from the open cooking fires. It also minimizes burns and provides a much safer and healthier home environment. The stove, when combined with the retained heat cooker, reduces a families wood consumption by 80%. As a result, families spend less time gathering wood and have more time available for economic and other endeavors.

As we have gained more experience in the communities that we work with, our projects have grown to include more comprehensive solutions for making life a little bit easier and healthier for the people we meet. This includes water filtration systems for clean drinking water, building assistance with schools, funding of Indigenous language books and general medical supplies. Sometimes our help is as simple as a new football for a group of kids. It’s all good.

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